Novel Lalita Karya Ayu Utami (Kajian Psikologi Sastra Dan Nilai Pendidikan)

Intan Saraswati


: This research explains and describes the correlation of intrinsic elements in Lalita novel, psychological aspect of character, and the emergence of various education values in Lalita novel. This research is a qualitative study using descriptive qualitative method and content analysis. The result shows that the correlation between the elements in Lalita novel can build a story which is full ofconflicts and has reinforcement in the theme. Besides, the author's message conveyed through education value consists of: (a) religious education value that is human obedience in having a religious and determining their hereafter happiness; (b) moral aducation value in the form of having a good attitude; (c) sosial education value in the form of the importance to interact with others without distinction; (d) cultural value in the form of preservation of nation's culture. In addition, psychologically, the character, Lalita, has a high stregth of superego so that she is able to find peace in her life.


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