Penggunaan Metode Peta Pikiran (Mind Mapping) Untuk Meningkatkankemampuan Menulis Narasi Siswa Sekolah Menengah Pertama

Sri Wahyu Purwaningrum • Andayani Andayani • Purwadi Purwadi


: This study aims to improve: (1) the quality of the learning process of writing narrative, and (2) the result of narrative writing ability by applying mind mapping method in the VII A students in SMP Negeri 14 Surakarta. This research is Classroom Action Research (CAR) which is implemented in two cycles. Each cycle consists of four stages: (1) planning, (2) the implementation phase, (3) the stage of observation and interpretation, and (4) stage of analysis and reflection. Percentage of student activity during apperception in the cycle I was at 51,6%, whereas in the second cycle to be 81%. Percentage of student interest and motivation while attending learning activities in the cycle I was increased by 67,7% to be 81% in cycle II. Percentage of student activeness and attention is 74,2% to be 77% in cycle II. Increased student ability to write narrative can also be seen from the increasing number of students who can write narrative or a student who reaches the score ≥ 70 in each cycle. In the initial survey, the percentage of students who can reach the passing score is 38,71%. On the cycle I was 45,16% and in the second cycle was 80,64%.


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