Konflik Batin Tokoh-tokoh Dalam Kumpulan Cerita Madre Karya Dewi Lestari

Jatmiko Jatmiko • Sumarwati Sumarwati • Raheni Suhita


: The aims of this research are to describe the character of the figures on Madre and Menunggu Layang-layang story; to describe the figure internal conflicts of Madre and Menunggu Layang-layang story by psychoanalysis theory of Sigmund Freud; to describe the perception of readers to Madre and Menunggu Layang story. The method of this research which is used is the descriptive-qualitative method by literary psychology approach. The sample of this research taken by purposive sampling technique and the data taken from content analysis and interview. Interactive analysis is used to analysis on this research. As result of this reseach are: first, Tansen as a good boy and hard worker, Pak Hadi as a man who has strong principle, Mei as a hardworker although she has a mistake when she was a child, Bu Cory and Bu Sum as subordinate have a big loyality to their leader, Christian as a hardworker who has a regimentation, Starla as a hardworker, but she has a bad personality, and Rako as a man who afraid with the commitment. Second, the historical of Tansen's family is not clear and suddenly he gets the legacy from anonymous person; Pak Hadi afraid of lost his life identity; Mei has a mistake when she was a child and until now she feels it; Christian afraid of alteration and indeterminancy; Starla afraid of commitment; Rako's desirability to have a relationship with Starla isn't attained.


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