Peran Komite Kesehatan Provinsi/jhc sebagai Upaya Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dalam Pembangunan Kesehatan

Niniek Lely Pratiwi • Umi Muzakkiroh
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • April 2008 Indonesia


This research analyzed the role of Joint Health Council in efforts to Health building in community of empowering. This was an crossectional study, research using qualitative and quantitative data. It was conducted in three provinces: Lampung, Bali, and west Java in which each Province two districts were selected with criteria of representative pilot projectof PHPI, PHPII and DHSI. Results showed that the roles and performance of Joint Health Councill mean is a very lower to expectance, the socialization 33.3% respondent, to advocate 16.7-33.3%. Mean for grand meeting ones per years old for JHC West Java and JHC Lampung. Since tahun 2002 until th 2005 a launching JHC Bali, grand meeting one/years old. The function to watch, to serve, and to advocate was the lower in health building capacity. The commitment is lower for JHC member's in the present discussion or grand meeting with level for present member's was 30-40%. The lower to understanding for jobs descriptions to JHC member's, not yet steering commiittee in consist and fixed. The organizations JHC considered these member's performance: commitment, present for meeting and managerial system by transparency, public of accountable, and monitoring evaluations activity. Based on suggested of member's: proffessionalitas, person of birocration 10%, Maximal optimation on roles and the allocation of budget by effective and efficient with value investation sytems a longe time, accountable and transparancy.


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