Pengaruh Faktor Pasangan Terhadap Penggunaan Metode Kontrasepsi Iud (Intra Uterine Device) Di Indonesia (Analisis Data Sdki Tahun 2012)

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: Population data of Indonesia continues to increase, in 2010 reached 237.6 million with growth rate of 1.49% (BPS-Statistics Indonesia, 2010). The efforts made by the Indonesian government in order to reduce the population growth rate is the Family Planning (FP). One of the family planning program is using a contraceptive method. The number of contraceptive usein Indonesia progressively increasing, but the percentage of IUD contraceptive methodsuse decreases each year. The purpose of this study was to investigate husband factors influence of using IUD contraceptive methodsof his wife. The data used are secondary data from 2012 Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS). The results of the partial binary logistic regression with 95 percent confidence level showed that the variables that significantly influence the choice of contraceptive methods IUD in Indonesia is area of residence, the knowledge of husband , husband education, number of children and the husband access to the media. Husband access to the media, area of residence and husband education is the variable with the highest propensity. It is expected the government and related agencies can improve the dissemination of contraceptive methods, especially IUD in order to increase the role of the husband.


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