Retensi dan Perubahan Pengetahuan Etnobotani Masyarakat Kerinci di Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat

Helida, Asvic • Zuhud, Ervizal Am • Hardjanto, Hardjanto • Purwanto, Yohanes • Hikmat, Agus
Artikel jurnal Buletin Kebun Raya • Juli 2016 Indonesia


Ethnobotany is required to study the concepts of local knowledge about the plants which are the result of the development of the culture of a community, while conservation is an effort to maintain the sustainability of natural resources through protection, preservation and wise use. Ethnobotany can be used as an indicator for successful forest resources management. The objective of this study are to identify the local knowledge of Kerinci community associated to the plant and to analyze the level of knowledge and retention in ethnobotany. The study was conducted in three locations namely Dusun Lempur Baru, Dusun Ulu Jernih and Dusun Lama Tamiai in Kerinci District, Jambi Province. The research was from October 2013 to October 2014. Qualitative research approach with participant observation and quantitative methods using questionnaires with 30 respondents in each location. The results showed that the level of knowledge Kerinci community in ethnobotany is at the medium level ( MGJ = 0.625 ). There are differences in the level of knowledge among the three study sites. There is a decline of the knowledge with the annual average annual change is CA < 0.1.


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