Pengaruh Kepercayaan Agama, Logo Halal, Pemaparan, Dan Alasan Kesehatan Terhadap Kesadaran Merek Dan Keputusan Pembelian Makanan Halal Pada Penduduk Kota Malang

Tiara Khoerunnisa • Sunaryo Sunaryo • Astrid Puspaningrum
Journal article Ekonomi Bisnis • Maret 2016 Indonesia


: The majority of the Indonesian is Moslem. Therefore, Halal food becomes great potential for national and global markets. Halal foods and drinks are means the good quality, hygiene, and health products of Indonesia to be World Halal Centre. It would be great for Indonesia in the International Halal market. This study aims to determine the influence of religion, the halal logo on the product, explanation for consumer, and health reasons on brand awareness and purchasing decisions of food. This study was conducted in 5 district in Malang using questionnaire to 140 respondents. This study was using purposive sampling technique with certain criteria for respondents, such as Halal food consumer, residents in Malang, and Moslem. The analysis was using Partial Least Square (PLS) with SmartPLS 2.0. The results indicate that there are a significant influence among Halal logo, explanation, health reasons, to brand awarness. Moreover, there are also significant influence among the brand awareness, religion and health reasons to purchasing decisions. In addition, there is significant influence indirectly between the exposure on purchase decisions through brand awareness and health reasons on purchasing decisions through brand awareness.


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