PengaruhReturn on Equity,Debt to Equity Ratiodan UmurPerusahaan Terhadap Kebijakan Dividen (Studi Pada PerusahaanManufaktur Yang Terdaftar Di BEI Tahun 2014)

Rahmawati Dwika Pratiwi • Ely Siswanto • Lulu Nurul Istanti
Journal article Ekonomi Bisnis • Oktober 2016 Indonesia


: The purpose of this research is to find out the partial effect of Return On Equity(ROE)and Debt to Equity Ratio(DER) on dividend policy and the company's age as variables thatmoderating the influence ROE and DER against dividend policy. The populations are142manufacturing companies that listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2014. Purposivesampling technique that used result in 45 companies. The data is analyzed using multipleregression analysis and moderation analysis using residual test.The results of multiple regressionanalysis shows that the ROE does not have a significant effect on dividend policy, DER hassignificant negative effect on dividend policy, while the result of moderation analysis usingresidual test shows that the age of the companies does not moderate the influence of ROE towardsdividend policy and the influence of DER towards dividend policy as well.


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