Why Do People Choose to Purchase Generic Antibiotics?

Thianti Sylviningrum • Femi Widiastuti
Journal article Health Science Journal of Indonesia • Desember 2010 Indonesia


Background: Generic antibiotics use help community to get economic infectious diseases threat. The study aimed to analyze dominant factors that influence community to purchase generic antibiotics. Methods: Subjects of this cross sectional study were patients who purchased generic and non generic antibiotics in two selected private pharmacies in March 2010. We were collected information on several characteristics of subjects, price consideration, generic antibiotics experiences, and information resource before purchased generic and non generic antibiotics. Data was collected in pharmacy working hours. Cox regression was used to identify dominant risk factors on consideration to purchase generic antibiotics. Results: Most of subjects were females, low to moderate income. Out of 100 subjects who participated in this study, 71% subjects purchased generic antibiotics. Those who bought generic and non generic antibiotics were similarly distributed with respect to gender, income level, education level, and information resource for purchasing generic and non generic antibiotics. Those who used price consideration had almost 3 fold to purchased generic antibiotics compared to who did not use price consideration [crude relative risk (RR) =2.94; 95%CI=1.64-5.29]. Conclusion: Price consideration influences patient's decision to purchase generic antibiotics. This result can be important information for government to conduct another strategy to increase generic antibiotics use. (Health Science Indones 2010; 1: 33- 36)


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