Gender as a Predictor for Academic Achievement

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Journal article Health Science Journal of Indonesia • Desember 2010 Indonesia


Background: Professionalism is central to maintaining public's trust in medical profession. Building professionalism during their study time in medical education is possible method to equip students with core attributes of professional behavior of doctor. However, the professional practice might influence not only their future job, but also their recent performance as students. This study aimed to identify the correlation between students' demographic factors and core attributes of professionalism related to good grade point average achievement. Methods: Fourth year students of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Islam Sultan Agung Islamic in Semarang Indonesia took part in this cross sectional study. The core attributes of professionalism were assessed using short inventory “Assessment of Medical Student Professionalism”, which was developed by some experts using Delphi method. The students' grade point average (GPA) data were collected from the Information Technology Unit of the faculty. Analysis data using Cox-regression with constant time. Results: A total amount of 207 (out of 240) students participated in this study. Our final model indicates that none of the core attributes professionalism which predicts good grade point average (GPA) achievement. Female than male students had 35% increased to be good GPA achievement [adjusted relative risk (RRa) = 1.35; 95% confidence interval (CI) = 1.05-1.74]. Conclusion: Female but none of the core attribute of professionalism students was noted to increase academic grade point average. (Health Science Indones 2010; 1: 43 - 50)


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