SiRNA as an Alternative Therapy Against Viral Infections

Hana A. Pawestri • Subangkit Subangkit
Journal article Health Science Journal of Indonesia • Desember 2010


SiRNA is a promising method to deal with viral infections. The principle of siRNA is based on the complementarily of (synthetic) dsRNA to an RNA virus which, in consequence, will be silenced. Many studies are currently examining the effects of siRNA on replication of diverse virus types like Hepatitis C, polio and HIV. The choice of the siRNA target sequence is crucial. It has to be very homologous to the target RNA, but it cannot target RNA of the host cell. To reduce the possibility for the virus to escape from the siRNA therapy by mutating, multiple siRNAs have to be used that target different sequences of the viral RNA. Still, siRNA therapy is facing some difficulties such as the specialized delivery to the infected tissue and the siRNA protection from the digestion by nucleases. These problems will have to be solved before siRNA therapy could be used in clinical trials.. Based on several researches, siRNA could be used as an alternative therapy against life threatening viruses. This therapy is recommended to be tested further in clinical trials with respect to several aspects, such as design of siRNA and transfer mechanism. (Health Science Indones 2010; 1: 58 - 65)


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