Keefektifan Model Tgt dan Jigsaw dengan Pendekatan Saintifik Pembelajaranekonomi SMA Negeri di Sleman

Agus Hariyanto • Darmiyati Zuchdi
Journal article Harmoni Sosial: Jurnal Pendidikan IPS • September 2016


This study aims to test: (1) the effectiveness of the Teams Games Tournament (TGT) and Jigsaw modelsusing the scientific approach. (2) tocompare the effectiveness of the TGT and Jigsaw models using the scientific approach in economics learning at state SHSs in Sleman Regency. This was a quasi-experimental study pretest postest non equivalent group design employing the pretest-posttest design. The research population comprised Grade X students of state SHSs in Sleman Regency. The results of the study are as follows. 1) The TGT and the Jigsaw modelswhich are implemented using the scientific approach effectivelyimproves the learning outcome in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotoric domains. 2) There isa significant difference in terms of effectiveness between the two models. Jigsaw model is generates a higher gain score than TGT that was indicated by results of the sum of index gain score cognitive, affective, and psychomotoric aspects learning outcomes. The TGT learning model generates a higher gain score than the Jigsaw for the cognitive domain. The Jigsaw model, however, produces a higher gain score than the TGT for the affective domain. Compared to the Jigsaw model, the TGT learning model shows an equal gain score for the psychomotoric domain.


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