Mapping of Business Development Services in Indonesia

Report AKATIGA • 2008 Indonesia

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This research aims to identify the tipology of Business Development Services (BDS) in Indonesia, including their strength and weaknesses and factors affecting the strength and weaknesses, from the perspective of BDS actors and their clients. This research focuses on the BDS that provide services to micro and small enterprises (MSEs), particularly to examine their financial and operational sustainability. Based on our literature review, although there are numerous studies on BDS, little attention has been given to the practice of BDS to serve the MSEs. This research aims to examine the potential of MSEs as BDS client, even in the market system where the clients are expected to pay for the services. This research employs qualitative method. Literature review was conducted at the early phase of the research to gather information on the context of BDS development in Indonesia, including donors' preferences and government interventions. We also gathered the list of BDS providers in Indonesia as the basis for selecting cases of successful BDS. Interview with key informants (NGOs, practitioners, the Minsitry of Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises, BDS association) were conducted to gather information on sustained and successful BDS providers. Indepth interview were then conducted to the selected BDS providers. Special time allocation was dedicated to examine the practice of business development strategy conducted by the government of Sragen in Central Java. Interviews were also conducted to the clients of BDS¬P and MSE actors that never received any services from BDS to gather their opinion on the BDS practice.


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