The Existence of Double-Burden of Malnutrition in the Same Households in Eastern Indonesia: Analysis Using Global Vs. Alternative Asian BMI Cut-off Points

Avita A. Usfar • Peter Agnew • Kartika S. Juniwaty • Fiona Howell
Conference paper Child Poverty and Social Protection Conference • September 2013 Indonesia

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(English, 25 pages)


The study utilizes the data from the first round of Indonesian Family Life Survey conducted in the eastern part of the country (IFLS East) during 2012 to identify child-mother pairs which experience the Double Burden of Malnutrition (DBM) - a situation where overnutrition of the mother and undernutrition of the child coexist within the same household. The analyisis is done using several cross tabulations and comparisons to determine outcomes for the two separate Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement classifications; the Global-Cut off and the Asian Cut-off. The study also explores the difference in household characteristic as factors contributing to DBM. The results showed that the prevalence of child undernourishment within the IFLS East is considerably high, especially for the stunting prevalence (44%). The results also showed that the use of the Asian-Cut off for classification of BMI raises the prevalence of mothers in the categories of overweight and obese from 32% to 46%, consequently raising the prevalence of DBM child-mother pairs by 6 percentage points. The study was able to detect a significant risk factor for DBM of maternal short stature, but was not able to detect other significant factors leading to the presence of the DBM child-mother pair. The paper argues that more research is required into the special characteristics of the women in between the two cut-off classifications, as well as their children. Findings of the additional research may lead to a determination of the appropriateness of the Asian Cut-off as more accurately capturing the severity and prevalence of double burden of malnutrition amongst the population. Several policy recommendations for the further monitoring and analysis of DBM and obesity amongst women of child bearing age are provided.


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Child Poverty and Social Protection Conference

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