Development Debate Series: the Case of Indonesia

Report SMERU Research Institute • Juli 2001 Indonesia


During the early month of this year, the SMERU Research Institute worked together with LPEM-FEUI and The World Bank Institute to organize a ‘Development Debate Series'. The debate series consisted of two parallel sessions: the Regional Debate and the National Debate about poverty and development. In total, there were 15 meetings, and the following report summarizes the key issues discussed during the series. 1 These issues were widespread and varied. The measurement of poverty, and how to broaden this to include dimensions other than consumption-based poverty, featured prominently in the debate series. Structural barriers and low levels of education tend to be factors which hinder poverty reduction policies. At the same time, deregulation and good economic management are both integral to implementing successful poverty alleviation programs. Good governance of public programs and efforts to decrease corruption can also assist poverty reduction programs as well as the general state of the economy. Finally, the greatest challenges for Indonesia will be how to manage the decentralization process and its potential impact on the level of poverty, as well as the methods adopted to institute effective social safety nets that will provide some level of protection for the community


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