Evaluasi Keseragaman Dan Kestabilan Lima Varietas Kacang Panjang Dalam Uji BUSS

Nurdini Khadijah
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • Juni 2012 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Evaluation of Uniformity and Stability for Five Yardlong Bean Varieties on DUS Test. Nurdini Khadijah. Uniformity and stability aspects in DUS test for self pollination crop such as yardlongbean usually done by simple assessment methods. The aim of this research is evaluating the assessment of both aspects using statistical tools. The object of the research is five yardlongbean varieties applied for PVP right. The candidates are Brawijaya 1, Brawijaya 3, Brawijaya 4, Bagong 2, and Bagong 3 which belong to Prof. Kuswanto of Brawijaya University. The test was carried out into two planting seasons (April-June 2011 and September-December 2011). Randomized Block Design used as test design with a total population of 60 plants per variety, divided into three replicates and sample size were 21 plants or plant parts per variety. Six varieties of common knowledge KP1, KP7, Putih Super, Hijau Super, Parade, and Pangeran were used as comparable varieties. The observations were recorded on 50 DUS characteristics as listed in the test guideline document of PPU BUSS yardlongbean (PPU/PVT/19/2). Statistical analyses used are cluster analysis, relative variance and homogeneity test used to evaluate the assessment of candidates on uniformity and stability aspects. Results show statistical analysis gives the same decision with the usual simple assessment, but with more accuracy.


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