Manajemen Perubahan Pada Satuan Pendidikan Dasar

Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Pendidikan UPI • April 2016


The essence of the research relates to change management of a school capacity building program in terms of the implementation of school-based management (SBM) for basic education unit. In general, the research is aimed to identify and analyze the problems of change management dimensional aspects. The research methods employed refer to qualitative research paradigm using primary data that are drawn from a number of interview, obervation and documentation study in field. In general, the changes for better independence, transparency, participation and accountability take place and impact to among others school condition that leads comfortability of study and motivates the schools in terms of accrediation. For certain contexts, while the SBM principles have already been actualized there continues to be the weaknesses of changes management dealing with dimensional aspects. Therefore, the sustainability of achieved changes would be vulnerable maintained. For above problems, the researcher would propose a systemic change strategic model that involve leadership of changes in order to cope with the risks.


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