Peranan Sistem Informasi Dalam Menciptakan Keunggulan Daya Saing Melalui Transmigrasi Teknologi

Hastutie Noor Andriati
Journal article Jurnal Akuntansi Maranatha • 2001


In a competitive market, mani company can’t avoid the competition. The right technology systems changes the way of company in running it’s business and making some new things in organization. Nowdays, the progress in information system, follower by the progress in information technology. So, information technology being information strategic business tools, frequently essensial to a firm and central to it’s competitive strategy. How can an information technology-based strategy confer sustainable competitive advantage? The answer is up to the management team of the firm. They have to use potential power of the information system to leverage their unique strategic resource by transformation technology of the firm the gain leader advantage and first mover advantage.


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