Implementasi Program Bantuan Pemberian Kredit Dalam Upaya Meningkatkan Produktivitas Kerja Pedagang Sayur

Viana Dhama Yantie


: Implementation credit assistance program to increase greengrocer's work productivity this research were to study and described the wised of credit implementation by the local government, analyzed greengrocer's work productivity in Duwet Krajan village, Tumpang Sub-district, Malang District and also analyzed supporting and resistor factors that effect. This research used qualitative method because this research described in detail, sequence and based on field facts. The analyze qualitative data used Miles and Huberman's model. The result of the research indicated that the role of cooperative department and mikro, small & medium business in Kepanjen Sub-District, Malang District very important for greengrocers in helping to develop small and medium business. The government supports to facilitate the regulation or rules for greengrocers to get fund access. With the evaluation of implementation credit assistance program, greengrocers would understand how to finance management simply, marketing system and produck packaging. In this case credit assistance very well, and impact the increasing of business fund, and increasing of work productivity as well. The conclusion of this research was implantation of credit assistance program by cooperative department and mikro, small and medium business in Kepanjen Sub-District, Malang District was well and could increasing greengrocer's work productivity.


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