Suatu Pendekatan Baru Dalam Product Development Costing Untuk Barang-barang Industri

Monika Kussetya Ciptani
Journal article Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan Universitas Kristen Petra • November 1999 Indonesia


In the very competitive bussiness environment, the company ability to create or develop its product is an important thing to keep. With the competitivenes of each product, especially industrial product, each product has a short life-cycle. The life-cycle of an industrial product become shorter because of the technology used in its development phase. This will be one of many factors that encourage industrial company to develop their product, besides the profitability factor that many companies achieve for. In industrial product development process, companies use many method to develop its product and shorten their industrial product life-cycle, but it is still difficult to obtain cost which incur to develop an industrial product. An industrial company has to know exactly its product development costs and determine its most expensive production activities in order to plan future financial performance and identify potential improvements. Using life-cycle costing, a company can anticipate the costs which occur in each phase of product life-cycle and determine the product cost of new industrial product which has been developed accurately.


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