Pengembangan Agrowisata Dengan Pendekatan Community Based Tourism (Studi Pada Dinas Pariwisata Kota Batu Dan Kusuma Agrowisata Batu)

Vianda Kushardianti Muzha


: Agrotourism Development by Communty Based Tourism Approach (A Study on Tourism and Culture Departement, Batu and Kusuma Agrowisata). Agriculture is the biggest potential in Batu City. Agrotourism which is a combination form of agriculture and tourism, is very suitable to be implemented here. The main commodity of agrotourism are some agricultural products. By using Commuity Based Tourism, the society is taken as a subject of society empowerment done by tourism department and PT. Kusuma Agrowisata. The research I conduct is in form of descriptive research by using qualitative approach. This study analyzes the Agricultural development by using Community Based Tourism approach in the Batu city. The result of this study is can be infer that the attempt to increase the agricultural businesses quality by both society and government has already ran optimally, as there have been several agricultural training and seminars conducted in order to boost the agricultural development. The society's involvement in some planning activities shows that society has an important role in agricultural development attempt. Agrotourism advertising has been maximally exhibited in some tourism events, in order to attract visitors.


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