Perbandingan Kualitas Layanan Berdasarkan Kategori Restoran : Studi Kasus Di Badung Bali

Gandhi Pawitan • Maria Widyarini
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis Unpar • 2011 Indonesia


In service industry, service quality is used as one factor in competition. Culinaryindustry, such as restaurant, bar, cafe, or eatery booth are one dynamic sector intourism world. As a tourist destination either domestic or International, Bali createsa competitive business environment either local or International as well.American restaurant in average shows a higher score in service quality comparewith others. But Indonesian restaurant gives a higher scores in empathy dimension inservice quality. Customer is expecting a good services, especially in culinary industryin sustaining their businesses. The company should look carefully into aspects ofservice quality, hence they can be a winner in the competitive industry.


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Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis Unpar

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