Utang Luar Negeri Pemerintah Indonesia : Perkembangan Dan Dampaknya

Adwin Surya Atmadja
Journal article Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan Universitas Kristen Petra • Mei 2000 Indonesia


The economic development is the absolute requirement for the third world countries, including Indonesia. This matter is necessary to shorten the backwardness of the developing countries in order to catch up with the developed countries, especially in the economic and people's welfare. In the third world countries, the government generally organized the efforts of the economic development. However, there are some problems in this matter caused by the lack of the productive economy resources, especially the capital resources which are mostly play the important role on the development matter. In order to cover the capital shortage, the government of the concerning country try to obtain the capital resources from other countries through many kinds of external debts. For the short term, the external debt will be very helpful in helping the Indonesian government to cover the deficit of the APBN as the effect of the routine expences and the huge development expenses. Therefore, the progress of economic development can be fastened according to the former planned target. However, in the long term, it happens to be that the external debt can trigger many monetary problems in Indonesia. In monetary crisis, the Indonesian's external debt, including the government's external debt has rapidly increased in rupiah measurement. Therefore, it makes the Indonesian government has to add the new external debt to pay the previous external debt which has been expired. The accumulation of the external debt and its interest will be paid through the Indonesian APBN by paying in step by step every year. This matter causes the lack of the Indonesian people's welfare in the future. It is obvious that this matter will also add the burden of the Indonesian people, especially for those who responsible to pay taxes regularly.


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