Makna Keuntungan Bagi Pedagang Kaki Lima (Studi pada Pedagang Kaki Lima di Bangsri Jepara)

Ubaidillah, Ahmad • Mulyani, Sri • Effendi, Dwi Erlin
Artikel jurnal Jurnal Akuntansi dan Investasi • Juni 2013


This research's goal is to understand the meaning of profit which is seen from cadger's side. Cadger profession become focus because their relation directly between cadger, money, and society. Cadger profession, society and "money" is an endless circle. They related to the various circle of life. With Intensionalism Hermeneutic, researchers trying to interpret and explore the meaning of the words in the text or informant of what the language or what is thought by informants. This research concludes that there are three meanings of profit for cadger profession. The first meaning is material profit in the form of deposits or savings that used to cover personal necessity. The second meaning is spiritual profit will be seen from the street cadger's to keep attention to the command of God to all His commandments. And the third meaning is inner satisfaction profit when can make others happy, even as street vendors still have the opportunity to share. These are the three meanings of “profit” found in this research, which was viewed from the cadger's side.


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