Kreativitas Guru Pai Dalam Pengembangan Bahan Ajar Di Madrasah Aliyah Jeumala Amal Lueng Putu

Muhammad Jufni • Djailani Ar • Sakdiah Ibrahim


: Creativity is a key of successful teaching that oriented to the effectiveness of learning process, the achievement of leaning goals, and the optimal education. This study aimed to observe the process of developing teaching materials done by the teachers in learning process in Jeumala Amal Islamic Senior High School of Lueng Putu, where the conceptual teaching materials was a supportive facility in optimizing the learning and education process to achieve the goals expected. To achieve the aim, this study used qualitative approach. Techniques of data collection used were interview, observation, and documentation study. Subjects of this study were principal, vice principal, and teachers. The results of the study described that (1) the teachers tended to have creativity to develop teaching materials in learning process of Islamic Education (PAI) in Jeumala Amal Islamic Senior High School of Lueng Putu. The creativity could be seen from the variation of teaching materials developed, which came from teachers' own creativity, school library, bookstore, related department's aid, or websites. The teaching materials used with their various intensity of use and quality included books, pictures, brochures, mock-up, cassette, and CD; and (2) the effort done by the teachers in developing teaching materials were trying to design and be creative to produce and use teaching materials needed based on the material and sub-material of PAI scope.


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