Pengaruh Langkah Diferensiasi Pelayanan Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan (Survei Pada Tamu Hotel the Graha Cakra Malang)

Cahya Wulan, Asrining Ndaru


The purposes of this study are to know the variables in the differentiation of service that influence the customers' satisfaction and to know the variable of differentiation on the dominant influence of service toward customers' satisfaction. The result of calculation of multiple regression analysis statistic obtained the value of Fcalculation for 19,915, while Ftable in significant level of 0,05 shows the value of 2,50. It shows that Fcalculation is more than Ftable so that H0 is rejected and Ha is accepted that shows independent variable of differentiation service has significant influence mutually toward the customers' satisfaction. From the result of analysis also obtained the result of Adj. R Square is 0,506. It means that 50,6% of variable on customers' satisfaction will be influenced by its independent variable. The result of t test shows the existence of positive and significant influence partially in every variable of Understanding Customer Needs with tcalculation value = 3,516 and sig. t = 0,001, Best Value Proposition with tcalculation value = 2,59 and sig. t = 0,012, People Skill with tcalculation value = 3,344 and sig. t = 0,001, Great Recovery Plan with tcalculation value = 2,316 and sig. t = 0,023. From the description, H0 is rejected and Ha is accepted. Based on the result of t test, it is obtained that the variable of understanding customer need has tcalculation value and coefficient B is the largest. It is tcalculation of 3,516 and coefficient b = 0,298. It can be concluded that the variable Of Understanding Customer Needs has dominant influence toward customers' satisfaction.


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