Studi Evaluasi Pelaksanaan dan Kelembagaan Pelaksana Program Bengkulu Regional Development Project (BRDP)

Nusril Nusril • M. Mustopa Romdhon • Indra Cahyadinata
Journal article Jurnal Agrisep Universitas Bengkulu • 2005 Indonesia


This research aims to explores level of success, constraints and benefits of BRDP on rural poor community. Qualitative methods which were based on prepare data or information as parts of flexible methods was used. The results showed that BRDPs implemetation has runned well. These was indicated by indicated the readiness and completed, range from province to village levels as well in infrastructure and institutional and beneficiaries. The success of implemented on village level instutitonal was supported by UPKD as leader on productive economic activities .These have UPKDs completed administration equipments, and the service product had competitive advantages comparing to others service product. The continuity of the activities post project could be well quarantee since these problems both normative and outcome real aspects were minimized. This induces improving on net working systems among UPKD, completing the financial-budget systems based on norms, and optimalities of Financial Assistant roles in village.


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