Penilaian Harga Wajar Saham Pada Bank ABC Dengan Menggunakan Pendekatan Pasar (Metode Perusahaan Pembanding Dan Metode Transaksi Sebelumnya)

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Journal article Jurnal Akuntansi Untar • 2014 Indonesia


This share valuation study is performed to provide a highlight on how much investors are willing to pay to buy a bank in Indonesia as refer to its Fair Market Value. To get a better understanding on the issue and to support the conclusion, we conduct a study to determine the fair market value of a regional bank, by using Market-Based Approach with Guideline Publicly Traded Company Method and Prior Transaction Method to get the Price to Book Value ratio (PBV ratio). The valuation object of this study is Bank ABC that focuses its business to small and medium enterprises. The analysis on this study is mainly performed by using secondary data obtained froma pool of listed banks in Bursa Efek Indonesia (“BEI” or “IDX”)


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