Pemerolehan Bahasa Sebagai Kemampuan Bawaan

Muhammad Akmansyah
Journal article Jurnal Al Bayan UIN Raden Intan • 2012


An innate ability for language acquisition is the claim that humansare genetically pre-programmed to learn language. Observationssuch as the uniqueness of the human speech organs, the speed ofacquisition of language, the presence of linguistic universals, and theclaim that language is unique to humans are all used to support thisview. Al-Qur'an not only speaks of language as designed, butpresents it as one of the basic realities and attributes of Allah. Manand woman were created with the gift of language. The language isdesign and states that this “entity” could only be a “miracle ofcreation,” for the purpose of communication by Allah to man andman to man. God created man in His own image with speech as anotable part thereof. The Qur'an cites the complexity ofcommunication ability. Language includes not only speaking butalso writing and reading. These conventional abilities were part ofAllah's design because of His plan to communicate to man throughthe written as well as the spoken word


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