Manajemen Pembelajaran Agama Islam Pada Mtsn Bambong Kabupaten Pidie

Ismail Ismail • Cut Zahri Harun • Sakdiah Ibrahim


: Learning management has a big role in providing contribution for the moral coaching of the students in school. This study aimed to find out: planning, organization, implementation, evaluation, and supporting factors of Islamic religious learning in Bambong Islamic State Junior High School of Pidie Regency. This study used descriptive method and qualitative approach. Data were collected by using observation, interview, and documentation study technique. Subject of the study were principal, Islamic religious education teachers, students, and school supervisors. The results of the study showed that: 1) Planning prepared by Islamic religious Education teachers were in the form of annual program, semester program, syllabus, and lesson plan which were well prepared and documented. Planning related to student coaching such as the addition of learning materials in Arabic learning (local content subject), citation of Yasin at the beginning of every month on Friday, Dhuhur prayer in congregation, Ramadan activities, and religious competition at the end of every semester were not going well. 2) Organization of Islamic religious learning was in good direction so that there were no overlapped and wasted time in learning process in the class. Good learning organization enabled the achievement of efficiency in the school. 3) The implementation of learning was in compliance with the applicable curriculum but the learning implementation was not optimal because teacher did not implement the learning based on the lesson plan. 4) Evaluations carried out by the teacher in the class were pretest and posttest in the form of oral, written (multiple choice and essay), and practice test.


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