Model Pendidikan Dan Pelatihan Berbasis Kompetensi Bagi Widyaiswara Muda

Asep Iwa Hidayat • Udin Syaefudin Sa'ud
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Pendidikan UPI • Oktober 2015


This study aims to find alternative models of education and training to support the improvement of the competence of lecturers, especially young widyaiswara competence in performing basic tasks and functions in training learning. Competency-based education and training is essentially learning practices in accordance with the standard requirements of competence, thus increasing the competence to carry out the duties and functions as trainers. Method of model development competency-based education and training carried out by the research and development (research and development). Test models of competency-based training for young trainers carried on in Pusdiklat Kemendagri Regional Bandung in 2013. The results showed: (1) Implementation of Education and Training for trainers who have been held in the Environment Training Agency Kemendagri not been effective, because it does not show an increase in the competence of trainers in accordance with the target of training, still conventional and not proportional; (2) Preparation of models of competency-based education and training (competence-based training) as an approach to training that is offered, focusing on practical activities in its implementation, and it is also a learning innovation; (3) Implementation of models of competency-based education and training that was developed showing the effectiveness of the acquisition of learning outcomes that are supported by systematic and adaptive relationships between components. Competency-based training models can be used to be an alternative to improve the competence of young lecturers in various Training Agency at the Ministry concerned.


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