Pengaruh Kredibilitas Pegawai Dalam Komunikasi Interpersonal Terhadap Sikap Nasabah Pada Perusahaan

Nurhayati Surbakti • Siska Maria Eviline Silalahi
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis Unpar • 2008


To communicate and create good relationship with its customers, a company's employeesmust always make an effort to understand and serve the customers so they aresatisfy and loyal. In order to get effective interpersonal communication adequate withits customers, the employees must focus on confidence, immediacy, interaction management,expressiveness, and other orientation. The main purpose of the research,using association method, is to show the employees role as the communicator sothe customers can trust them. The result shows that the employees' credibility oninterpersonal communication and customers' attitude are quite good and there issignificant correlation between them.


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