Budaya Organisasi Dan Kepuasan Kerja Studi Kasus FISIP UNPAR

Marihot Tua Efendi Hariandja • Sentosa Sembiring
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis Unpar • 2014


Organizational culture as a share value and norm which is always integrated toorganization in directing the organization member ineractions to face internaland external challenges. Therefore it is an importand aspect of organization tounderstand and manage for making organization more efective to achiev their goals.Fisip UNPAR as an organization also develop its culture as it is regarded can facetheir challenges.The purpose of research is to descrive the type of cultural orientation of fisip unparfrom the cultural typology, Power culture, role culture, achievement culture andsupport culture as state by Harrison, in the reseacrh question what is the existingculture today and what is prefered by its members, Is there any gap between it, andis there a significance relationship between culture and job satisfaction.Research is conducted through case studies method, with data gathered byquessioner technique about the perception of organization members, based on somedimension or indicator cultural type which have develope by some author and datais analysed by mean, compare means, and correlation test.The result of research find that the existing currently culture from the high tothe low are that Role Culture Orientation with mean score 35,40, AchievementCulture Orientation 33,91, Support Culture Orientation, 30,60 and Power CultureOrientation 30,04. The prefered culture orientation are Achievement CultureOrientataion 41,51, Role Culture Orientation 34,51, Support Culture Orientation30,53. and Power Culture Orientation 23,20.Based on pairs samples test was conducted by SPSS program, find that there are asignificance different for achievement and power culture orientation currently withprefered.Level of job satisfaction which is measured by six dimension is that work itself,compenzation, co-worker, supervision, advancement and facility with the scale veryshigh, high, moderate, and low of job satisfaction is high.The relationship between culture orientation and job satisfaction with the hypotesisthe lower the gab beetween existing culture and prefered culture, the higher jobsatisfaction. Based on spearman correlation test there is no significance correlation.Based on the research findings that is the achievement culture is prefer moredominant and power culture not dominant and there is a significance gab betweenit. It is need to decrease the existing power culture and reinforce the existingachievement culture.


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