Pola Dinamis Distribusi Beras untuk Operasi Pasar Dolog Bengkulu

Nurhayatin Nufus
Journal article Jurnal Agrisep Universitas Bengkulu • 2006 Indonesia


This research aimed to analyze the moving average of rice distribution and the effect of four decompositon components for market operation along 1995 - 2001 period. The results show that dinamic distribution pattern based on syclicaJ trend tends to increasing along with consumption. There were two clearly variations first quarter / and IV with higher distribution index and quarter 1/ and III with lower index. Under quarter I and IV known as deficit the planting season, while quarter 1/ and III known as harvest season where as the people has plenty of stock in cyl/os. Finally the random component (/) was iffluenced much to the distribution pattern,it was relevance to goverment policy to ruie the rice policy and distrbution.


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