Analisis Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Jumlah Pengunjung Pantai Wisata Tanjung Kasuari di Kota Sorong

Mariam Rinawati Kambu • Mus Mualim • Lillyani M. Orisu
Journal article Lensa Ekonomi • April 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 2 pages)


  This study aims to determine what factors influence the choice of the most dominant traveled to the Cassowary Coast Cape Town Tourism Sorong and analyze and determine how much influence each of these factors. The number of visitors allegedly influenced by education (manager skills), comfort, and facilities available and local government cooperation with tourist sites owners. By using methods of descriptive analysis of 120 samples, the results showed that the level penelitin site visit Cape Tourism Cassowary Coast in Sorong influenced by the quality of care received visitors. Meanwhile, three other factors, namely the level of education (manager skills), comfort and facilities had no effect on the number of visitors to the location of Cape Tourism Cassowary Coast. This is caused by other factors that cause visitors still visit the tourist sites of which means that this location has general more adequate, the location of the Cassowary Coast Tourism Cape wider when compared with other coastal tourist locations, the availability of food. Government efforts in this regard Sorong City Tourism Office to organize the management of Cape Tourism Cassowary Coast location is still hampered tenure personal and family claimed. Therefore, the government attempts to do only limit cooperation with the manager through management training tourist sites.


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