Pengaruh Pemberian Kompres Hangat Rebusan Parutan Jahe Terhadap Nyeri Pada Lansia Dengan Osteoartritis Di Pejeng Kangin Kabupaten Gianyar

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Journal article Jurnal Dunia Kesehatan • 2016

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 Osteoarthritis is pain caused by pathological changes the entire structure of a joint, characterized by cartilage damage. The joint is often attacked by osteoarthritis is joints function which carry the burden of  body's weight as the knee joint.Warm stew grated ginger compress a non pharmacology handling can be given to elderly due to osteoarthritis. It therapy is a warm therapy provision on certain area by using stew ginger liquid containing gingerol caused the warm. This study aimed at finding the relation on of warm stew grated ginger compress provision towards pain scale on elderly experienced in osteoarthritis. This study was a pre experiment research with one group pretest-posttest design. The sample consists of 42 elderlies chosen by purposive sampling. data was analyzed by Wicoxon Sign Rank Statistical Test. The result obtained that p value 0,000 smaller than α=0,05 (p<0,05) meant Ho rejected and hypothesis in this study accepted so it could be concluded that there is the significant influence of osteoarthritis pain between before and after warm stew ginger grated compress provision. Based on the study result, it needs to be warm stew ginger grated given as a way to reduce the pain intensity in addition of drug consumption.


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