Penerapan Hypnobreastfeeding Dan Hypnoparenting Pada Ibu 2 Jam Post Partum

Nm Risna Sumawati • Nw Mira Yanti
Journal article Jurnal Dunia Kesehatan • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Mother mortality rate is the major issue in developing country. MMR itself caused by the direct causes of that deals with complication of obstetric during pregnancy, delivery, and puerperium. In puerperium often happened several complaints of mother as breastfeeding which has not out smoothly and she feels not ready become parent to educate and raise her baby yet. One of the care which can be given in puerperium is midwifery care comprehensively and hypnosis implementation namely hypnobreastfeedingandhypnoparenting. This study aimed at knowing and able giving care in puerperium at Kemuning Ward BRSU Tabananin 2016 ( Hypnobreastfeeding and Hypnoparenting on Case Study P1A1 P Spt B 2 hours of Post Parturition) This case study used descriptive qualitative approach. The subject was the mother in puerperium at Kemuning ward BRSU Tabanan. The data taken held on December 16th 2015 to January 27th 2016. The method of collecting data was used included interview, observation, and documentation. Instrument of data collection was used in this study in form of interview guidelines of puerperium care and the format of midwifery care on puerperium. The result of midwifery care implementation comprehensively in form of care given was in accordance with the mother need, CIE of way to facilitate breastfeeding, breast treatment and hypnobreastfeeding and hypnoparenting implementation made the mother condition was getting better, smoothly breastfeeding production and mother care the baby well. Expected to health practitioner always improve knowledge and skill that would give a comprehensive care on puerperium.


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