Asuhan Kebidanan Pada Neonatus Umur 3 Hari Dengan Hiperbilirubinemia Di Ruang Pendet (Nicu) RSUD Badung

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Journal article Jurnal Dunia Kesehatan • 2016

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Hyperbilirubinemia was increasing the level of bilirubin to exceed the normal limit. In regarding to the data from RSUD Badung, in 2014 there were found 114 cases. The case study was conducted in order to the student was able to apply a midwifery care comprehensively toward Neonatus with Hyperbilirubinemia. The research method of thiscase studytoward Neonatus Aterm with Hyperbilirubinemia at RSUD Badung, was conducted by SOAP method, i.e. subjective data assessment, objective, the data analysis, and perform management toward Neonatus with Hyperbilirubinemia that had been done for 3 days in RuangPendet RSUD Badung(NICU) at RSUD Badung. The handling that was given to the infant in RuangPendet (NICU) at RSUD Badung, i.e. 2 x 24 hours phototherapy, meanwhile, to visit the baby's mother's house, the suggestion is to season her infant in the morning about 7 am – 8 am, and ASI (breastfeeding and child health) giving every 2 – 3 hours. The result of infant evaluation cared for three days, and 7 times home visiting i.e. the infant was better generally, the infant skin looks redness, the suction reflex was good, and increasing to their weight.


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