Pengaruh Terapi Senam Otak (Brain Gym) Terhadap Daya Ingat Jangka Pendek Pada Lansia Di Banjar Muncan Kapal Mengwi Badung

Ni Nyoman Suma Wardani
Journal article Jurnal Dunia Kesehatan • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Memory has a crucial role in the human life. Elderly aged over 60 years was suffering from a risky memory disorder caused losing their speaking skill and counting, bad judgment and the ability to memorized the time. Memory could be assessed by using Mini Mental State Examinations questionnaire. A lot of things could be done in order to increase the elderly's memory that is brain gym. The study aimed at finding the influence of  brain gym therapy towards sort term  memory on elderly. This study used Preexperimental Design by one grup pretest postest design with the total sample about 33 elderlies who suffer memory loss. Data analyzed by using paired sample T-Test to compare the pretest-posttest result. The mean of short term memory before brain gym therapy was given stand on (17.36 ± 1,39) and after it was stand on (17.79 ± 1.40). Paired Samples T-Test result obtained  p(0,001) on α (0,05), It concluded that there was The influence of brain gym therapy towards short term memory on elderly in Banjar Muncan, Kapal, Mengwi, Badung.


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