Perubahan Silabel Kosakata (Silabel Awal) Bahasa Minangkabau Dan Bahasa Indonesia: Analisis Komparatif

Jendri Mulyadi
Journal article Jurnal Gramatika • 2017 Indonesia


This research is a linguistic research focused in the change of syllable on the vocabulary. Based on this consideration, this research is attempting to describe and to analyze the form and position of syllable change in Minang and Indonesian vocabulary, as well as to find and explain all of the changes' principles. This research is based on qualitative method with descriptive data, and refers to comparative analysis method. Data source in this research is primary data. The syllable change of Minang and Indonesian vocabulary occurs in some positions, they are in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end of a vocabulary with the phoneme change, phoneme addition, and phoneme elimination. The amount of change that occurs in a vocabulary is vary, it can be one, two, three or four changes. The principle of changes can be made according to the tendency of syllable change in Minang and Indonesian language. The description of Minang and Indonesian syllable change is not provided based on the amount of changes which occur in a vocabulary, it is categorized based on the position in the syllable, they are: first syllable change, second syllable change or middle syllable change, and last syllable change. Description that based on the amount of syllable is considered as an ineffective way as the change that occur in a vocabulary is different and those changes occur in different syllable as well.


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