Wujud Kias Dalam Tambo Minangkabau

M. Hum, Yendra Ss
Journal article Jurnal Gramatika • 2016


Research on kias in Tambo Minangkabau's focused on the study of figurative forms and and forming figurative inspiration. This research aims to explain any forms of figurative and the inspiration forming figurative in Tambo Minangkabau. Based on the analysis conducted, figurative forms are identified into simile, metaphor, personification, alegori, parabel, sinekdoke, epitet, eponim, paranomasia, and antonomasia. Forms of figurative metaphors are identified form the most dominant form of variations convey stories in Tambo Minangkabau. Pattern conception of Minangkabau community built through forms and characteristic of nature that prefigured to all aspects to serve the teaching and philosophy of life and then poured into Tambo Minangkabau. Minangkabau people whose way of thinking is metaphorical. This is a manifestation of the philosophy of “Alam Takambang Jadi Guru”. Conceptual relationship of linguistic form with dimensions of the socio-cultural seen in relation of meaning. That is mean linguistic patterns are always associated with patterns of socio-cultural speech community including culture that inspired the metaphors in the text of Tambo Minangkabau. the inspiration forming figurative are activity or process of acquiring knowledge and poured into Tambo Minangkabau and became a source of teaching, rule, custom, and culture. forming figurative inspiration in TM are figurative inspiration from nature, figurative inspiration from objects (tool), figurative inspiration from animals, inspiration from pattern of human bodies, and inspiration from the concept of religion.


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