Tempat Perkembangbiakan Aedes Spp. Sebagai Penular Virus Dengue Pada Berbagai Tempat Di Kota Sukabumi

Dewi Nur Hodijah • Heni Prasetyowati • Rina Marina
Journal article Jurnal Ekologi Kesehatan • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and speed of increased cases in Sukabumi city is highest in West Java, as it was shown by Incidence Rate (IR) of Dengue virus infection in Sukabumi city in 2009 was 430 /100,000 and in 2010 reached 330 /100,000. Slope of the regression line of IR enhancement of dengue virus infection in the period 2004 - 2010 of Sukabumi City have the highest value (55.8) when compared to Cimahi (32.1) and Bandung (12.1). Environmental survey was conducted for entomology examination at home of patient with Dengue virus infection and places visited in the morning until late afternoon the week before illness. Examination results at housing obtained positive Aedes spp 36,8.7%, and 23.5% were found in public places. The results showed that the public places was a potential transmission of dengue virus infection. Results of this study showed that water reservoirs that are most numerous Aedes spp. wasbath tub. The study also reported the House Index (HI) 31.55%, Container Index (CI) 21.72% and Bretau Index (BI) 51.46%. Threshold larvae index obtained by HI was at value 5 or moderate risk but based on CI and BI were in grades 6 means to have a high risk of transmission.


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