Gambaran Paparan Benzene Dalam Rumah Terhadap Profil Darah Kawasan Industri Dan Pemukiman

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Journal article Jurnal Ekologi Kesehatan • September 2014 Indonesia

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Benzene is a substances that is classified asA2is a chemical carcinogen to humans(suspectedhumancarcinogen), and is a hazardous chemical substances contained in products of oil and gas, both raw and finished products. The existence of benzene in petroleum products and natural gas can also in the processof exploration, as well as arising from processing and. roduction. With those background, this research was conducted toassociatebetween benzene and blood profiles. The study was conducted in 2012 in thecity of Dumai, Riau Province. The study design was using Special Research on Environmental Pollution20/2, Type-1 Health Study suggested the U.S. Agency.* Toxic Substances and Drug, Registry(ATSDR), whilethe statistical analysiswas performed usingindependent sample t-test. Population of the studywaspopulationinDumai citv,and the sample population was selected by ramdom sampling and live in East Dumai(exposed) and South Dumai(non-exposed).The resultshowedthat the of physics levels of airatexposed and non exposed(humidity,air flow and temperature) homeon average has exceeded the quality standard ISO/9-0232-2005.Moderate levels of benzene in both the exposure andnon-exposure locationhas not exceeded the quality standard ISO/9-0232-2005.The results of the analysis of blood profiles(hemoglobin,leukocytes, hematocrit, and erythrocyte, platelet) showed that the proportion of non-exposedand exposedlocationnot significantly different by using t-test independent. These resultssuggestedthat there is aneed for monitoring and evaluation of the petroleum industry sites to determine the impact onhealth.


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