Kemampuan Kader Posyandu Dalam Melakukan Pengukuran Panjang/tinggi Badan Balita

Noviati Fuada • Salimar Salimar • Anies Irawati
Journal article Jurnal Ekologi Kesehatan • September 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Riskesdas 2013, provides information stunting in infants of as much as 37,2 percent. Meanwhile, inRISKESDAS 2007, information abaut stunting are 36.8 percent. The highest proportion is importantreason, to monitoring height / weight infants at posyandu. Community fact, show that body length oftoddler in posyandu. Thirty percent of posyandu (integrated service station) activities undertaken correctlyby the kader-posyandu (integrated service station center). Kader-posyandu chosen by people, so that thepublic trus her's. Her's advice and guidance are often followed by community, therefore necessary totraining as a form of education in adults. Assessing the impact of training on changes in measure thelength and height on under five children, before and after training. Descriptive for collect characteristicsdata, of the observations to look at the technique/how to measure before and after training. Nonparametricanalysis with wilcoxcon test and sign, used to see whether there are differences 'delta standardkader'(the difference in the results of the cadre integrated service station and the gold standard ofmeasurement)between before and after training. In general, high school educated kader-posyandu, aged31-40 years. Posyandu time to perform activities ranged from 2 s / d 4 years. As much as 74 percent ofthemhave never received refresher training in the last year period. The results of measurement accordingtothe standard observation phase (right) increased by about 30-40 percent. Anthropometry training resultsshoweddifferences in technique how to measure the infants who fit the measurement requirements. hereweresignificant differences (p = 0.00) results 'delta standard-kader' using three tools are multifunctional,lengboard,microtoise before and .after training. Anthropometry training, has been able to improve kaderposyanduskill in measuring of length and height of under five children.


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