Training of Learning Strategies in Writing Essay

Agus Edi Winarto

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Writing essay is still considered difficult forEnglish students to master. The students are expected tobe able to express their ideas correctly without makingany chance of messages to be misinterpreted by thereaders; therefore, they have to know and use the bestor the most appropriate ways to write. The purpose ofwriting this article is to introduce learning strategiesand the possibility of training of learning strategies inwriting essay to English students. The first strategy isintegration of strategy with the process of writing essay:pre-writing, writing draft, and post-writing activities.The second is training learning strategies, such asmemory, cognitive, compensation, metacognitive,affective, and social strategies to students to makewriting essay easier, faster, more enjoyable, moreeffective, and more self-directed to achieve the desiredresult in their writing. To get better result ofimprovement, the model of training of learningstrategies in writing essay should be applied anddeveloped based on the appropriateness of teachers,learners, subjects, and situations.


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