Dukungan Suami Pada Persalinan Preeklampsi

Suparni Suparni • Emi Nurlaela • Anis Wahidah Rahmah
Journal article Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


. Experience while accompanying her husband gave birth to her son, not unlike the feelings of his wife, who suffered his first anxiety during childbirth preeclampsia. Support is needed by someone who is experiencing anxiety. This study aims to determine the husband's support during childbirth preeclampsia in RSUD Kraton Pekalongan 2014. This type of research is descriptive nature. Population 48 husband of maternal preeclampsia in Mei- June 2014 at the Palace District Hospital. Pekalongan. The sample in this study using the Total Population by taking the total number of the population who meet the inclusion and exclusion kriterian. Collecting data using questionnaires. Data were analyzed using univariate analysis with the results support both 21 (43.8%), less than 27 (56.2%). Supporting USAbility enormous influence as the result of research conducted about the usefulness of supporting the birth and the results are often mengejutkan.Seorang supporting birth can affect delivery of events itself and the feelings of a mother prior to birth the mother has complications. Suggestions for midwives expected to get to know the patient's family feeling deeper, by increasing komuniasi assertive, capable of being a good listener, to approach with the family so that helps minimize anxiety.


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