Kecemasan Ibu Mengenai Perilaku Seksual Di Pekalongan

Nina Zuhana • Sigit Prasojo • Fira Atika Setiyani
Journal article Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


: Any changes experienced by teenagers, both physically and psychologically, making teens more happy to be close to their peers and tend to stay away from the parents, so that teens sometimes act in accordance with what teens want based on her social environment. Of course it can cause anxiety to parents. Parents who have a teenage son of course will often feel anxious, because they are afraid and worried if their children experienced bad things when they are outside its scope. The research objective is to obtain a picture of anxiety level of mothers with teenage children about sexual behavior of teenagers in the village of the District Kalipancur Bojong 2015. The study design used is descriptive. The population in this study are all mothers who have teenagers that 720 families in 2014. The samples are 128 respondents. Collecting data using questionnaires. The result showed the majority (52.4%) mothers of adolescent anxiety was about the sexual behavior of teenagers. Therefore, it is expected the government to be able to cooperate with the cadres and health workers in order to enable the Adolescent Family Development Program (BKR) as a resource in providing information on adolescent sexual behavior associated with adolescent reproductive health.


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