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Character Building of Students by Guidance and Counseling Teachers Through Guidance and Counseling Services Image
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Character Building of Students by Guidance and Counseling Teachers Through Guidance and Counseling Services

This study aims to determine the process and counseling services performed by guidance and counseling (BK) teachers in coaching the students' character, with the method descriptive qualitative approach. Guidance and counseling are services of assistance given to students to develop their potential, alleviate the problems, and shape the character of the students in accordance with the norms that exist in the neighborhood. The character building of students can be done through guidance and counseling services that are prevention, alleviation and development. The results showed that the process of guidance and counseling was done not in accordance with established procedures and the implementation of observation and data identification to understand the needs within the framework of the preparation of BK program. Besides, the prevention activities were carried out by providing knowledge about the character of the students through information services, content mastery and group counseling as well as involving students in religious activities at school.
Vocational School\u002Dindustry Partnership in Improving Graduate Competency Image
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Vocational School-industry Partnership in Improving Graduate Competency

A wide variety of educational reform on vocational education in accordance with the policy of link and match requires the schools to do the partnership to encourage the improvement of graduate competency and the demands of the relevance of education to the job needs. The purpose of this research is to illustrate and analyze the partnership strategy of vocational schools with the business world in its efforts to improve the graduate competency. This research has been held at SMK 3 Banda Aceh using qualitative descriptive approach. The instrument in this research is a researcher itself. This is because in qualitative approach, the researchers are essential instruments. As key instruments, researchers have to create their own set of the guidelines, observation, interview and documentary of appraisal guidelines that is used as a general guide in the process of recording. The results of the study show that the strategies adopted by SMK in forge cooperation with the world of business and industry are through the establishment of the cooperation program, working mechanism and analysis of factors that affect the holding of cooperation between the two parties.
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Change and Development in the Acehnese Dayah Salafi (a Case Study) Image
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Change and Development in the Acehnese Dayah Salafi (a Case Study)

This is part of research result from a Ph.D thesis which is submitted to Flinders University South Australia. This is a study about the Acehnese dayah salafi and its recent change and development, both in general and in the light of messages from the government about the need for standardisation and regulation of the studies of these Islamic educational institutions. Through a qualitative case study of a purposively selected dayah salafi in Aceh province, Indonesia, this research tried to find how standardising or regulating might affect dayah salafi and their teaching activity. The result is perhaps a kind of snapshot of the current moving situation. To get a variety of views for this research, data were collected, using semi-structured interviews, from various dayah salafi people, from a government departmental officer and from a senior Islamic educational researcher. The research also used other sources of data such as general observation and documents related to this study.
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