Aceh International Journal of Science and Technology (AIJST)

Journal published by Syiah Kuala University

p-ISSN 2088-9860

e-ISSN 2503-2348

Aceh International Journal of Science and Technology (AIJST)

Aceh International Journal of Science & Technology (AIJST) is published by the Graduate School of Syiah Kuala University (PPs Unsyiah) and the Indonesian Soil Science Association (Himpunan Ilmu Tanah Indonesia, Komda Aceh). It is devoted to identifying, mapping, understanding, and interpreting new trends and patterns in the development of science and technology, especially within Asian countries. The journal endeavors to highlight science & technology development from different perspectives. The aim is to promote the dissemination of the results of scholarly endeavors into broader knowledge and practices and to establish an effective means of communication among academic and research institutions, policy makers, government agencies and persons concerned with the complex issue of science and technology development.

The Journal is a peer-reviewed journal. Acceptance decisions are based upon an independent review process supported by rigorous processes. The editors and reviewers perform a constructive and prompt evaluation of submitted manuscripts, ensuring that only intellectual and scholarly work of the greatest contribution and highest significance is published.

Subjects: Geology, Earth Sciences & Planetary Sciences, Science & Technology

Accreditation: Certified National Journal (Grade 2) by Ristekdikti with Accreditation No. 36b/E/KPT/2016.

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