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Alienasi Pekerja pada Masyarakat Kapitalis Menurut Karl Marx Image
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Alienasi Pekerja pada Masyarakat Kapitalis Menurut Karl Marx

Marx and Marxism are often identified with evil movements that threaten the safety of mankind. Yet when examined, the point depart from Marx's thinking also comes from humanitarian problems. Karl Marx formulated the basis of his humanity through a quite unique way. Karl Marx does not justify what is humanity (universal), but he reveals the phenomenon of degeneration of humanity through the concept of work alienation. Karl Marx's struggle with the idea of alienation while in France. The concept of alienation was formulated by Marx in his encounter with Engels's idea of the suffering of workers in Europe. The concept of alienation is the basis for the theory of class struggle to be formulated later. The awareness of human oppression which is demonstrated through its alienation produces a theory that has the purpose of praxis. Awareness of oppressive circumstances is expected to drive changes to the political and economic system. Work to make workers experience alienation. In a working condition, a worker is actually alienated from his production. When alienated from the production of a worker also do a job that is foreign and not in accordance with the purpose of life. Furthermore, the working conditions to make humans alienated from humanity, because work is no longer an autonomous self-disclosure but only aims to meet the needs of life (animal). The state of the alien world of work makes the workers alienated from the social world. Other workers are foreigners who are placed as opposed to the outsourced workers. Work also makes people alienated from themselves, because the body does not do something that suits the mind.
Hubungan Wahyu Dan Akal Dalam Tradisi Filsafat Islam Image
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Hubungan Wahyu Dan Akal Dalam Tradisi Filsafat Islam

This paper attempts to represent the world of philosophical thinking on the relationship between faith and reason among moslem scholars and Islamic doctrines. Qoran is the fundamental principle in inspiring any attempt of reason to find the truth. It means that reason still has its place and possibility to find the truth based on the truth of faith which is inspired by Qoran. It is the focus of discussion between the two outstanding moslem scholars, Ibnu Rusyd (520 H/ 1126 A-595/ 1198) and Ibnu Taimiyyah (662/ 1263). Ibnu Rusyd approaches the correlation between faith and reason in the term of relationship (ittisal). Meanwhile, Ibnu Taimiyyah explores the correlation between faith and reason under the term of muwafaqat. These two scholars are different with one another especially in exploring the fundamental meaning of reason ('aql) and revelation (al-naql).
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Fenomenologi Agama Menuju Penghayatan Agama yang Dewasa Image
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Fenomenologi Agama Menuju Penghayatan Agama yang Dewasa

One of research methods to analyze religion is phenomenology. This method begins with the phenomenon that appears in consciousness. Experience of religion from teh perspective of phenomenology means that we get into a discourse about subject's consciousness in the phenomenon which enable someone to get eidos or the essence of religion. From this point of view, subject could distinguish which one constitutes essence or eidos and which one is mere manifestation. This ability is succeeding subject to understand the religion properly. Subject that understands religion properly usually have an ability to accept and celebrates diversity. Besides, subject will always realize that his existence is always in a relation with others', so that his existence remains as co-existence. This awareness of co-existence at the end leads subject to grow up in the paradigm of pro-existence. It is so crucial a moment amid several violence that takes place in the name of religion in Indonesia that co-existence must be promoted.
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